Air Quality Sensor DIY Workshop
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Led by physicists Dr. Liz Coleman, David Flanagan & Ciaran Maher, we will learn about off-the-shelf air quality sensors, we will assemble a DIY sensor, and we will learn how to use them indoors and outdoors to gain knowledge of local air quality, possible air pollution and potential causes.

Participants can borrow a sensor to monitor their home/local air quality. This workshop aims to raise awareness of certain air pollutants so that people can be empowered and informed how to minimise the emission of these pollutants.

Workshop in Irish & English

Níl scil ar leith ag teastáil | No previous experience required

Áisitheoirí | Facilitators

Dr. Liz Coleman
David Flanagan
Ciaran Maher

Áit | Location

Halla Éinne, an Cheathrú Rua
Stad deiridh ar bhealach bus 424 | Final stop on the 424 bus route

Dáta & Am | Date & Time

26.08.22, 19:00 – 21:00

Áirithint | Booking

Má tá tú faoi 16 beidh ar dhuine fásta a bheith leat | Under 16 yr olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Arna choimeádú ag | Curator

Ríonach Ní Néill






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