Seagoing Moon-powered sculpture
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This project brings together 3 strands; tidal energy, boat building and kinetic sculpture. The energy density of moving water is very high and tidal energy is still not exploited commercially, so the technology holds a sense of fascination for tinkerers and armchair inventors. I plan to take the armchair to sea and experiment with home brew tidal turbines.

An Cheathrú Rua is surrounded by water and has some significant tidal streams and races. Where sea water is rhythmically pulled through bays and around islands by the gravitational forces of the sun and moon, a successfully tidal turbine will be used to provide power for a sea going kinetic sculpture.

Boat building; the boat is a catamaran built from 2 scrap wind turbine blades. Catamaran is an Austronesian word meaning logs bound together. Wind turbine blades are a waste materiel from the wind power industry and are an increasing problem as they are made from GRP which is not easily recycle able. The boat provides a vehicle/platform for tidal energy and sculptural strands

The kinetic sculpture is based on the movements of celestial bodies. A cross between Etch a Sketch and swing-ball, the sculpture draws arcs and epicycles with light in the sky and on the water.

Paddy Bloomer


Ealaíontóir | Artist

Paddy Bloomer

Arna choimeádú ag | Curated by

Ríonach Ní Néill

Rannpháirtithe | Participants

An Seid, Cumann na bhFear

An chéad seoladh eile | Next sailing

09.07.22 ó Chaladh Thadhg


Buíochas le | Thanks to

Máirtín Breathnach & Shedheads Cumann na bhFear, Micheal Flaherty, James Duncan, Cuan Boake






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